Scope and purpose

The number of people in need of prosthetics and orthotics in the Africa (excluding North Africa) is increasing due to population growth, conflict and war, ageing, and medical advances that preserve and prolong life.
The lack of rehabilitation professionals is one of the barriers identified by the World Report on Disability, which hampered access to rehabilitation services.

Approach of solution

Over the years, new training approaches were developed (modular training, e-learning, etc.) with the aim of increasing the number of trained P&O professionals. While some other countries are also organizing training programmes and/or in the process of implementing training programmes, they need more support for upgrading and developing well trained human resources.


Networking among schools in the region is currently limited. A network could support schools to upgrade and standardize the quality of the training programmes in the region.

The 1st Regional Meeting of African P&O Training Institutions

The 1st Regional Meeting of African P&O Training Institutions was held in Pretoria (South Africa) in August 2009. Among the recommendations of the meeting, the need to continue such meeting was highlighted, same with the need to develop a regional network of training institutions to further develop the quality of the training, to support the development of new training institutions and to share resources when possible.

The African Federation of Orthopedic Technicians (FATO), who’s general objectives are to promote the right to access appropriate functional rehabilitation care for disabled persons in Africa through the establishment network of rehabilitation professionals (CPOs, physiotherapists, doctors, rehabilitation etc.), has among its specific objectives to:

  • Promote continuing education, formal and initial training for rehabilitation professional which facilitate their integration with the health systems of various African countries

  • Help promote research on new technologies appropriate to the African context;

  • Create a framework for meetings, training, and experience sharing between Africans countries and also with the rest of the world.

In order to provide the means to carry out its objectives, the FATO created various committees, including the Education Committee.

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